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Artnova’s thinking Green

Artnova’s paintings are not only unique and special due to their technique,
but by the materials they are made of  too.
Our paintings are made of mostly and usually entirely, synthetic materials.


Whether the artist is using fibers, strings or felt, they are
all produced from recycled plastic bottles. Those materials
are manufactured to the textile industry and we have adopted
them to our purposes.That makes our paintings not only
eco-friendly, which has its obvious added value,
but durable as well and makes them low maintenance too.
The recycling process always starts by grinding the
plastic and then melting it.While the plastic is liquid,
the acrylic based paint is added to it and this is how we
get such a wide range of colours to use.As you can
understand, when we get the fibers to the studio,
the paint is integrated in the material and this
makes the paintings resilient to direct sun-light
and time’s harm.Therefore, you can have a Soft
painting exposed to direct sun-light without the
risk of fading.




Moreover,you can keep a soft painting clean very easily:
Just hoover it gently once a year or clean it with a
wet-wipe. It will never mildew or smudge because of its
composition.Nowadays when the average person consumes
unreasonable amount of packaged products, we produce
huge quantities of un-perishable waste.For this reason,
and to help us help our environment,the recycling
industry has been developed. Other than repurposing
materials intended for consumerism,there are
other options to make good and inventive use for
recycled materials- like we do in our Studio in Artnova.


Lets get things in proportion:

In Israel:
– We consume 600 million large plastic bottles and 300 million small bottles a year.
– According to the waste survey from 2005, plastic composes 50% of the volume of our waste.
– The weight of plastic products consumed in Israel every year is 450,000 tons!
– From 20 recycled plastic bottles we can create an average size Artnova’s painting

And a little beyond us:
– In the US they use 2,000,000 plastic bottles every 10 minutes!
– It will take about 700 years to a plastic bottle in a waste-ground to start decomposing.
– In 2011, 29% of the used plastic bottles in the US were recycled, 48% of the plastic
bottles being used in the EU were recycled and over 50% of the plastic bottles used
in Israel were recycled.
– From 10 large plastic bottles you can make one fleece jacket.
If you have any other interesting anecdote about recycling- we will be happy
to hear about it and maybe add it to our list.

Always Recycle!

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