Yachts, Ships and Aircraft

The Soft paintings offers a unique solution to the difficulties faced by yacht owners, owners of private planes, and ships by offering artistic solutions to suit the unique style of the craft.

Soft paintings are a modern and contemporary answer to decorating places where it may be required to hang pictures without a frame because they are in motion such as airplanes, ships, and yachts.




Soft paintings made in the exclusive Soft Art technique by Artnova Studio, will provide you with answers, whether it is in size, theme, color, or style.

The fine line between art and design gives Artnova’s designers the freedom to offer you unique and original artistic solutions tailored to your style.

Artnova’s designers will collaborate with you and the artist, to create the specific artistic concept, giving you the perfect solution for your Yacht, Ship or Plane.

Luxurious and soft, Soft Paintings with their clean lines, vibrant colors and varying textures provide a new concept in contemporary art, while being functional as well.

The Soft Paintings are backed with fabric and are perfect for insulation or concealment and can be fixed to the space with Velcro tape. The paintings are light and can be taken down quickly and easily and rolled for storage.

Artnova’s innovative techniques provides artwork that makes an original statement, while leaving the space feel roomy and complementing the existing structure.





In addition to being an artistic solution, Soft Painting is also an excellent acoustic solution: Insulation materials can be integrated into the painting itself and at the back of the painting, making it an ideal solution for large spaces with acoustic problems.

Soft paintings are a perfect solution for large wall decorations, conclave and concave rounded walls, or for the cover and concealment of electrical cabinets and air conditioning vents.

There are almost no restrictions of the size, softness, color and subject of the artworks that Artnova’s artists can create for you.

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