Artnova’s valued customers


Artnova’s works, (some of which are in museums) adorn thousands of private homes, aircraft, yachts, companies, offices, hotels, banks and public buildings worldwide.

Artnova’s clients can be found among public figures, businessmen, art collectors, galleries, public bodies, and a variety of different businesses.

Since many of the pieces were purchased by private clients and public figures, for obvious reasons we can not publish their names. We publish here a partial list of business customers only.


Galleries & Museums:

Moshe Castel Museum, Ma’ale Adummim, Israel, Arte Gallery, Jerusalem, Blue and White Gallery, Jerusalem, Latent Gallery in Safed,

Jewish Gallery in Safed, The Modern Art Museum in Rome, Italy, as well as galleries in Germany, the United States, Canada and South Africa.


Public Offices:

Prime Minister’s Office, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Trade and Industry, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Attorney General, Tel Aviv Exhibition Grounds, ICC Jerusalem, the Dan Region Association of Towns, Theater, Ramat Gan, Ben Gurion University, Ports Auhority, Chief Rabbinate of Israel, Hadassah Hospital, Misgav Hospital and more.


Companies and Businesses:

Africa Israel, Arison Holdings, Ramat Gan Diamond Exchange, Dankner, Motorola, Buchman – Resin, Hephzibah, Pioneer, IEC, Richard Bint, Saipan, Visonic, Bay Networks, Teva, Bizcenter and many Law & Accounting firms. The First International Bank, United Mizrahi Bank, Bank Adanim, Bank Yahav, Jerusalem.


Hotels & Accommodations:

King David Hotel, Hilton Hotel, Plaza Hotel, Hotel Nirvana, Hotel Alexander, Hotel Eden, Hotel Sun, Neve Ilan Guest House, Guest House Business Ho-tel, Guest House Up Five, Ramat Rachel Guest House, Guest House Kiryat Hanavim, Yona House, Senior Living in Be’er Sheva, Maccabi Care and more.

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