Design for Companies & Organizations

Soft painting is a unique solution to difficulties faced by
companies, organizations and public bodies in finding
artistic solutions.

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Soft paintings in the exclusive Soft Art technique by Artnova Studio will
provide you with answers,whether it is in size, theme, color, or style.
The fine line between art and design gives Artnova’s designers the
freedom to offer you unique and original artistic solutions tailored
to your company’s style.Artnova’s designers will collaborate with the
you and the artist in artistic conception, giving you the perfect
solution for your company’s needs.Luxurious and soft, Soft Paintings
with their clean lines, vibrant colors and varying textures provide a
new concept in contemporary art.Artnova’s innovative techniques
provides artwork that will make original statements, while expressing
feelings of spaciousness and complementing the existing architecture.
In addition to being an artistic solution, Soft Painting is also
an excellent acoustic solution. Insulation materials can be
integrated into the painting itself and behind the painting making
it an ideal solution for large spaces with acoustic problems.


There are almost no restrictions on the size, softness, color and subject of the  artworks that Artnova’s artists can create for you. The paintings can either be frame ready, stretched on an internal hidden frame or made into tapestries which can be fixed directly on the wall with Velcro tape.

Soft paintings are a perfect solution for large wall decorations, conclave and concave rounded walls, or for the cover and concealment of electrical cabinets and air conditioning vents.  Soft paintings are a unique solution for places where frames are not feasible like entrance lobbies, conference rooms and halls, stairwells, ships, yachts, aircraft, and so on.


Some of our valued clients:


Prime Minister’s Office, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Trade and Industry, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The Attorney General, Tel Aviv Exhibition Grounds, ICC Jerusalem, the Dan Region Association of Towns, Theater, Ramat Gan, Ben Gurion University, Ports Authority, Chief Rabbinate of Israel, Hadassah Hospital, Misgav Hospital, Africa Israel, Arison Holdings, Ramat Gan Diamond Exchange, Dankner, Motorola, Buchman – Resin, Hephzibah, Pioneer, IEC, First International Bank, United Mizrahi Bank, Bank Yahav, King David Hotel, Hilton Hotel, Plaza Hotel, Hotel Nirvana, Hotel Alexander, Neve Ilan Guest House, Guest House Business Hotel, Ramat Rachel Guest House, Senior Living Center, Beer Sheva, Maccabi Care Centers and more.

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