Huge soft paintings


Artnova’s soft paintings bring forth the successful collaboration
between art and design.Using a vast variety of artistic
solutions while playing with colors, styles and subjects,
we are able to fit the artwork to its intended space considering
the design of the space and its content with the most accuracy.
Artnova’s studio is the only one in the world to
offer its services to artists and galleries that wish to express
their creativity through soft painting and wish our artists to
reproduce their work in our technique. Artnova also specializes
in consulting and designing special commissions of soft
paintings according to the customer’s demands and wishes.
The special commission is done with the collaboration of the
customer (directly or through an interior designer) and the
studio to provide the customer with the perfect artwork for him/her.






Our studio carries out massive projects to fit huge public
spaces. It can be for a hotel’s lobby, a bank or any other
large and/ or odd space. The materials and process to
produce our soft paintings, means we have no restrictions
of size, subject, colors or style.Overcoming challenging
architecture features that sometimes are apparent in public
spaces is also easily done with the soft art technique as
other than having no size limitation,the painting can also
be mounted on curved walls. There are two main methods we
use to mount our paintings; to stretch them on a hidden
frame or to finish them as tapestry and then they can be
mounted directly on the walls regardless if they are curved
or flat.Mounting our artworks on curved walls add another
dimension to them as the painting is affected by the shape
of the wall and it can create an interesting dialogue with
the space and perspective of the viewer.


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