Lena Yampolsky Artist

Elena Yampolsky received her master’s degree in fashion design and drawing
from the prestigious Russian Institute for Textile.She graduated with honors
in her formal academic art training’s in 1982.These studies included all
topics related to art such as:sketching, water color, composition, sculpture,
and photography.In 1983 she first put her art on display at the 15th
Annual “Young Artists Exhibit” in Moscow and has been featured in dozens
of important art shows and exhibits in Russia and Israel ever since.
Elena’s work was featured in art shows such as:
“Drawing of Russia” in 1982 and “The Fall Art Exhibition
of Moscow” in 1986. She also took part in the “Artists of Moscow drawing for
peace” art exhibition in the same year and in “Women drawing in Moscow”.


Elena immigrated to Israel in 1992 and in the years that followed worked as
a drawing teacher as well as an “Art as Therapy” instructor in various
Jerusalem schools and institutes. She has also worked as an illustrator for
a variety of book publishing companies and as a tapestry designer.
By 1994 Elena was exhibiting her work at the important “Village Artists”
art exhibition in Jerusalem, the “Five Artist Show” in 2001 in Jerusalem
and her work was featured at the “Transparent Walls” art show that took
place at the congress center in the heart of Jerusalem,also in 2001.
In 2001 Elena participated in a project called “Painting the Defense Wall”
in the Gilo neighborhood of Jerusalem. During 2002 Elena began her work
as an artist at the “Artnova Studio” where she started working with a
new technique called “Soft Art” where she creates tapestries and
paintings with different mediums such as acrylic fibers, assorted fabrics
and strings.Her current works are on display in the “Omanut Ha’aretz”
art exhibition in Tel Aviv as well as participating in other

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