Soft painting workshop


A soft painting Workshop-
A 12 hours workshop where you learn
Artnova’s soft painting technique.
This new technique that was developed
in Israel,replaces the usual tools of
painting i.e.brushes and paint, with
fibers, yarn and felt which are applied
layer upon layer with the help of a
special needle.With a beautiful Soft
painting you can accentuate, emphasize
and decorate your living and working
space and by that, add beauty and
interest to your environment.

The workshop will include:
2-3 sessions – dates and time will be
coordinated with the applicants
Location: Artnova’s studio in
Beit Nekofa village

In the workshop:
We will familiarize ourself with the
technique and materials
Learn colour combination and effects
Basic drawing
If you are interested to know more
about our workshop, please fill your
details and we will get back to you shortly.

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